Speeches from Lear

Act 2, scene 4
This is a verse as there is a capital letter at the start of all of the lines.
Iambic pentameter – showing that he is using education and that he is smart and in a good state of mind.
Except to of the lines, the 5th and the last line. eg To bear it tamely, touch me with noble anger.
Stain my man’s cheeks
Both of these sentences are talking about Lear’s feelings.

Act 3, scene 4
– This is an prose as there is not a capital letter when its the start of a sentence.
– Iambic pentameter showing that he is using education and that he is smart and in a good state of mind
–  It isnt in any form and is all mixed up because he is starting to go crazy and his speech is reflecting this.


  • Goneril and Regan went against the natural order as when King Lear handed the Kingdom over to them because they proved their love for him.  They then turned on King Lear and threw him out of their homes. This Goes against the natural order because Goneril and Regan should respect their dad, the king but by doing this they show that they don’t.
  • They also went against the natural order by putting kent in the stocks, when Lear arrives to see that kent is in the stocks he demands to see the girls. The girls refuse to see him excusing themselves on the fact that they are too tired from traveling. Lear gets angry and upset that they won’t come and see him. they are going against the natural order by offending and disobeying the kings’ orders.  The natural order is something that everyone at this time went by, it was an order of hierarchy that must not be broken. Many people in this time would have been offended about this.

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