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2 long texts –
Kelly wilson
I am not Esther

Kelly Wilson,
This story is a bibliography about Kelly Wilson and the lives of her two sisters and her who are all a massive part of the equestrian world not only in New Zealand but around the world. She has written three books about different events or challenges that the sisters have taken on. This book is about when they rescued 11 wild Kaimanawa horses from the 2015 Kaimanawa muster.

I am not Esther by Fleur Beale.
I am not Esther is a story about a girl who is left by her mother to love with relatives she has never met before. Her family members are a part of a religious cult and she is forced to live by the strict social rules of the cult. She is given the biblical name ‘Esther’ by her elders, throughout the novel she is determined to not lose her identity.
Throughout the novel it is apparent that Kirby is she is challenged with her identity. She is shipped off to live with relatives in a religious cult, her name is changed to Esther and she is forced to live by the rules set by the religious cult. This is a massive shock to Kirby as she has lived with her mum in the past and hasn’t been a part of any religion.
Identity is who a person is and what, who, where they identify themselves with. I can relate to some of Kirby’s traits as she is a very determined girl. This is shown throughout the book, one instance is while she is staying with her relatives Kirby is determined that she will not lose her identity and not forget the people and where she came from. She uses many different techniques throughout the book to do so.

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