Quotations – Fahrenheit 451

1) “and then very slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain, for just a few moments, and opened his mouth” – page 24
– This quote shows that Montag is open to Clarissa’s ideas and also shows the influence she as a 17 year old has on him.

The novel is set in the future, at this time in life it is illegal to have books. This 
novel started with Montag and his co-worker firemen igniting a house full of books. It is
Montag's job to get rid of illegal books in houses by burning them. - 
"the brass nozzle in his fists, with 4this great python spotting its venomous kerosene upon
the world, the blood pounded in is head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing 
conductor playing all the symphonies id blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and 
charcoal ruins of history"

It goes on to when Montag is walking home and he sensed someone or something watching him.
This is when he meets Clarisse, he thinks that there is something odd about Clarisse 
because she is very confronting and asks a lot of questions. - 
"you are an odd one" 

When Montag gets home he finds that Mildred has taken sleeping pills and tried to kill
herself. When he sees this he calls 911, some men came round, they drained, cleaned and 
replaced Mildreds blood to save her life. The men that came were impersonal like robots
or machines as Montag explains. - 
"operated by an equally impersonal fellow in nonstainable reddish-brown coveralls"

The next day Mildred woke up hungry as the men that saved her life said she would be
she also couldn't remember anything from the night before, from trying to kill herself. -
"I don't know why I should be so hungry" "I didn't sleep well. Feel terrible." Montag
tried to ask her about last night, "last night" she interrupted him and said "what about
last night" Montag said"don't you remember"

When Montag walks to work he sees Clarisse on the street

Montag has travelled to an old professors house with the book and he is wanting to know how
to understand what he reads in books. Fable explains that -
"the magic is only in what the books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe
together into one garment for us"

Montag got home to find Mildred and all her friends sitting at the palor, he then turns
off the palor and takes out a book and reads some poetry from it. This makes one of 
Mildred's friends cry. He doesn't understand why Mildred's friend is crying because he 
doesn't know what she has to be sad about. She then tells him that she has 3 dead husbands,
has had many abortions and her children hate her, she uses the pallor as a distraction. It
then becomes clear that the pallor is just a distraction for everyone to distract them from
what is really happening in this point of time.

Beaty finds out that Montag has been keeping books. Montag goes to work, gets interrogated by
Beaty and they go out on a job. As they pull up to the house Montag realises its his house.
Montag then burns his own house down and burns Beaty and the mechanical dog. Montag is then
on the run from the police and firemen. 
"police alert. wanted: fugitive in city. has committed murder and crimes against the state. 
name: Guy Montag. occupation: firemen. last seen..." 

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