Our film analysis

Shot 1:  Tracking shot showing Alyx and I running
Shot 2: Birds eye shot showing us running again
Shot 3: Low angle shot
Shot 4: Another follow shot showing Alyx falling over and me picking her up
Shot 5: A zoom shot, zooming up on the finish sig

The director used many different types of film language throughout this short clip. Film techniques are things such as shot types, sound, camera angles, camera movement, lighting and cinematography. In this film the director only used camera shots, camera angles and camera movement. The first shot shows a tracking shot of Alyx and I running, this tracking shot is used by following behind or alongside the subject. This shot is often used in films to emphasise …. The second shot shows a birds eye view of Alyx and I still running, A birds eye view is shot from up above the subject. The third shot is a low angle shot, low angle shots are shot from below the subjects. These shots are often used to make subjects look bigger. The fourth shot is also a tracking shot that shows Alyx and I running, Alyx then falls over and I continue on to pick her up and carry her over the finish line. The fifth shot is a zoom shot, zooming shots are usually used to zoom into an important subject, in this case it was the finish sign. The lighting throughout this film wasn’t very good and was quite dark which made it hard to see exactly what the director was trying to portray. The director of the film could have added in more different filming techniques to improve the quality of their film. Techniques such as sound, better lighting, more steady camera movement would help to improve the film and help to emphasise what the director is trying to portray.

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