Gattaca film study

Camera shot: Shallow depth of field
Camera angle: Level angle
Describe content: A view of a post in their house showing how tall the boys are at what age, you can see Vincent’s hand just below his hight.
Symbolism: The post showing their hight show that Vincent isn’t as tall as Anton his brother who is younger them. It shows the inequality as Vincent is shorter because he genetically impaired. The colour suggests that the film is old even though its in the future.
Colour: sepia
Supporting quotation:

Camera shot: Birdseye
Camera angle: Looking down on the machine
Describe content: This shot shows Vincent’s real identity as “in-valid” after a urine test was performed.
Symbolism: This shows that Vincent is considered as an “In-valid” citizen in this time. It shows the inequality of life at this time as he is only considered “In-valid” as he is genetically disadvantaged.

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